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Alpha GEO (India) Limited
Alphageo (India) Ltd - Spearheading India's Search for Oil
Receipt of Award of Contracts from ONGC Ltd, Jorhat for an estimated contract value of Rs. 111.98 Crores (exclusive of taxes)_16.01.2020
Receipt of contract from Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited_22.07.2019
Alphageo Received Notification of Award of Contract from ONGC Ltd, Jorhat for an estimated contract value of Rs. 14.45 Crores (exclusive of Taxes)_26.12.2018
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Alphageo (India) Limited is the largest onshore integrated seismic service provider in the private sector and enjoys a market leadership in seismic survey.
Incorporated in 1987 with head quarters in Hyderabad, India. To offer seismic and other related services to the rapidly growin oil exploration and production sector.
The company's globally-benchmarked competence comprises acquisition, processing and intepretation of seismic data for oil exploration
Alphageo offers topographic surveys with GPS and RTK; tape transcription; digitization of hard copies of maps, seismic sections, and well logs into CGM, SEGY, and LAS formats; and third party quality checking for acquisition and processing.
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13th International Oil & Gas Conference and Exhibition 10-12 Februry, 2019, New Delhi- India