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Alphageo Acquired 800 3D data for ONGC in Cauvery Basin in Tamil Nadu ahead of schedule Oct,2009
The Company has acquired 800 Sq.Km data for ONGC in Cauvery Basin, Tamil Nadu area for a total contract value of Rs. 39.01 Crores. The Company has secured the contract tendered by ONGC against the competition from several players. The letter-of-intent dated 05.03.2009 has been issued to the Company.
About Alphageo

Alphageo (India) Limited is the largest onshore integrated seismic service provider in the private sector and enjoys a market leadership in seismic survey.

Alphageo was incorporated in 1987 to offer seismic and other related services to the rapidly growin oil exploration and production sector. The company's globally-benchmarked competence comprises acquisition, processing and intepretation of seismic data for oil exploration.
In the business of seismic services, Alphageo's competitive strengths comprise, deep insight into challenging terrains and diverse topographies environmental sensitivity; technology leadership, highly skilled manpower and state of the art equipment