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Other Services
  • Consultancy on 3D/4D/3C surveys
3D/4D surveys generally are under taken with advanced objectives of delineation and development and depletion strategy of the field. An in-depth study and understanding of all the available data, identifying data gaps, the types of data required and identifying the criticality of data sets that leads to the identification of the need and objectives of these surveys. Consultancy is provided in studying / analyzing the available data, identifying the need, preplanning and laying down strategy for acquisition of these data and designing these surveys.
  • EM and GM services API

The company offers the API of EM and GM surveys, through strategic partner. This brings in economy in expenditure by getting synergy in all the geophysical services through one contractor. This brings better coordination and integrated interpretation of all the data sets.

  • Reservoir data acquisition
  • Reservoir analysis
  • Tape transcription & digitization of hard copies of maps, seismic sections and well logs into CGM/ SEGY/LAS formats
Maps, seismic sections, well logs are digitized using the appropriate hardware and software. The digitized data is supplied on media in the desired format. Vintage seismic data on half inch, 9 track tapes and other tapes is archived on to 3590 E/LTO tapes.
  • Third party QC for Acquisition and Processing

With its vast pool of expertise the quality control of topographic, seismic surveys and seismic data processing, Alphageo offers the third party quality control services for 2D/3D Seismic data acquisition and processing.

  • Topographic surveys with GPS / RTK
  • Airborne surveys for mineral exploration
  • Geophysical mapping surveys through gravity and magnetic methods for identification of potential areas from mineral prognostication point of view