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Privacy Policy
When you request information or interactive services through this site, we need to know your e-mail address or, where you wish it to be sent by post, your name and postal address. We may store and use this personal data to seek your feedback, to contact you in relation to the services offered on the website, or to send to you the information you requested. Although our suppliers of web-related services may see your details or personal information, neither they nor we will sell or pass them to anyone other than Alphageo without your permission.
Alphageo may be the recipient of subpoenas, court orders or other forms of legal compulsion to disclose information we have about our website visitors. We respond to such orders and will disclose the requested information at our sole and exclusive discretion. Please note that our website may contain links to other, non-AGIL websites. AGIL is not responsible for the content of or the privacy practices of such other sites. If you wish to change or delete any of the personal information you have entered while visiting our website, or if you have any questions about our privacy statement, e-mail the