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Quality Health Safety Environment
The company ensures that the work is performed in accordance with all applicable rules, regulations and good working practices, with equal diligence being paid to the fulfillment of the contractual technical specifications. The company follows Operating and Maintenance Procedures for ensuring that the geophysical operations are conducted as per the international standard of the geophysical industry. The main objective of this is to ensure complete data integrity and compliance with the client's technical requirements. These Procedures cover among other things
  • Use of equipment and their testing procedures
  • Frequency of testing
  • Training of personnel
  • Maintenance guidelines
The company ensures that all personnel on site are given necessary HSE and job related training prior to start of the work which includes the following aspects.
  • HSE Management training
  • HSE orientation training
  • First aid training
  • Fire fighting training
  • Vehicle driving precautionary methods
  • Communications equipment training
  • Shot hole drilling and loading management training
Safety, health and environmental issues are utmost concern in Alphageo. Field operations and work functions involving residential and office complexes, employees and public, working and environmental territories, etc., are suitably safeguarded against hazardous and untoward events.
Alphageo exercises due care and diligence. It takes all necessary measures and precautions to ensure that in the execution of the work, safe working practices are observed and that human life and property is not destroyed, injured or put in danger.
The company has formulated its own HSE guidelines and procedures (HSE - An outline Plan for Seismic Operations) in accordance with IAGC Land Geophysical Operations - Safety Manual, IAGC Environmental Guidelines for Worldwide Geophysical Operations. These guidelines and procedures include the following:
  • Health and Fitness
  • Hygiene
  • Emergency procedures
  • Land transport management
  • Fuel use and handling
  • Explosive and non-explosive sources
  • Working on Public Highways and Urban areas
  • Shot hole drilling
  • Water and River operations
  • Fire precautions and Alarms
  • Waste Management
  • Management of Hazardous materials
Alphageo is committed to preservation of health and safety of persons and protection of the environment. The workmen at the site will be ensured adequate protective clothes wherever necessary.